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Stray Dogs

Putting the ‘Stray’ in the Rescue

In more recent years, SSR have shifted their attention in ensuring that stray dogs in pounds are not put to sleep once their 7 days ‘unclaimed’ are up.

Throughout the UK, approximately 1462 stray dogs were put to sleep in 2018. (Dogs Today Magazine) They are often found with no microchip, or perhaps they have a microchip with expired details. Dog law concludes that if a dog is unclaimed within 7 days, they are eligible to be rehomed through rescue. The problem starts here. All rescues within the UK are constantly full to the brim and any kennel spaces that become available are like gold dust! If the stray dog pounds are unable to source space for the dog, they often have to make the heart-breaking decision to put the dog to sleep. There are constantly stray dogs being found and the vicious cycle continues.

According to the Dogs Trust Survey 2018 report, at this point in time there were 56,043 stray dogs in the UK. These figures are actually down compared to previous years. At Staffie and Stray Rescue, we wish to keep reducing these figures by doing our bit! 

We work with local authorities and have taken in various dog breeds in desperate need of a foster placement. We are pleased to say that we have successfully saved dogs from being put to sleep! 

Please help us in our Campaign to reduce the stray dog problem by donating £10. This covers the cost of a microchip. Through microchipping, stray dogs who have come from a happy home will have a greater chance of being reunited with their owners. Find out ways to donate here.

Some of the stray dogs we have taken in and found happy forever homes for are highlighted below.


Enid was found dumped in a common and was left roaming around and having to scavenge for food. When she was found, Enid was very emaciated and in a poor state. She was riddled with fleas and scars. It is not known how long she was lost and alone for. There was no microchip for the pound to track any information and so after 7 days she was looking for a new home.

Thankfully, SSR managed to find a foster placement for Enid so she could finally relax in a safe haven.



Betsy was found roaming the streets when she was taken to the dog warden for her long 7 day wait to see if she would be claimed. It was clear physically that Betsy had not long given birth. 

SSR were able to assist the dog warden and Betsy when a foster placement became available.

After some time, Betsy was becoming noticeably unwell and was taken to the vets. We discovered that she had Pyometra, an infection of the womb which can be fatal. This was quite possibly a result of her not receiving any veterinary treatment during/after giving birth.

Betsy is now enjoying life in her forever home surrounded by lots of love!



Scrappy’s story is a terribly sad one. He was taken in as a stray after he was thrown out of a transit van.

SSR was so shocked that someone could do such a thing to an innocent being, we just had to step in and help!

It wasn’t as simple as just finding a placement for Scrappy. Understandably, Scrappy suffered trauma as a result of the van incident. He would cry and shiver in fear when we tried to put a lead on him! Scrappy is currently in a very patient foster home who are working through his issues. They are even clipping the lead to themselves to show Scrappy that the lead isn’t something to be scared about! We are so grateful for all the hard work of our foster homes and volunteers who work tirelessly to support the dogs that other people have completely given up on.


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