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Kennel Fund Appeal

Kennel Fund Appeal

Staffie and Stray Rescue are looking for generous donators to contribute towards their Kennel Fund!

Staffie and Stray Rescue are looking to help more and more dogs – This means raising enough funds to build kennels that can support more dogs than the rescue can currently take in. Although extensive fundraising plans are underway, the rescue is looking for support from organisations and is encouraging local businesses to come forward and help them to save more Staffies!

We have to be realistic and to take the rescue to the next level in order to progress and successfully save more dogs.  There is a need to step up fund raising and work towards funding kennels. The more dogs we home mean that the percentage rises of dogs that may return if rehoming fails. As with our success it also brings more people calling on our rescue for urgent help. Foster homes work well but many end with the fosterers falling in love with the dog and keeping them resulting in a loss of foster space for us to place dogs needing urgent placement.

We feel the way forward would be to run a charity shop which could raise funding towards kennels. The main problem is getting this up and running as the initial outlay would be hard to raise without effecting the funding we have to care for the dogs. The long term plan is also to raise enough money so that we can buy land and build kennels to run a rescue centre. The proceeds from a charity shop would go towards the kennel fund. Every decision is made by putting the dog’s wellbeing first. With Staffie and Stray Rescue, it is all about the dogs.

We are aware that this is a huge ask but we are hoping that someone might sponsor us to get this venture off the ground. A shop would not only bring funding, it would bring volunteers, homes, food donations and a wealth of support. In time, it will lead us to our ultimate goal of having kennels.  If you feel there is any way you could assist us with this venture we would love to hear from you.

Do you work for a company who may be willing to help? We have three sponsorship programmes that work on a yearly basis.

  • Gold Sponsors – £1,000 per year
  • Silver Sponsors – £500 per year
  • Bronze Sponsors – £365 per year

Please get in touch today if you can help!

Learn more and check  progress on our Kennel Fund Appeal page.


We have also recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us raise more money for kennels! Please click the tab below ‘Crowdfunding For Kennels’ for more information.

Posted on March 12th 2016

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