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Sponsor a Staffie

Make a Staffie Smile Today by signing up to our sponsorship scheme!

Please consider sponsoring one of our dogs that are in long term foster homes. 

Occasionally, we have dogs arrive into rescue that sadly come with severe behavioural issues or health issues. We are so lucky to have a family of amazing foster homes who take these dogs under their wings and provide them with a lifetime of love. 

Our long term fosters are supported by the wings of Staffie and Stray Rescue, this means that the rescue supports all funds associated with the dogs including the likes of food and vet bills. 

We are reaching out to our supporters to sponsor one of our long term foster dogs for just £5 a month to help towards their needs. 

As a thank you for sponsoring a dog, you will receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship with some thank you gifts included
  • Pupdates and photographs of your sponsored dog throughout the year
  • A Christmas card from your sponsored dog

How do I sign up to Sponsor a Staffie?

  1. Take a look at the dogs below and decide which dog(s) you would like to sponsor
  2. Please complete the Sponsor a Dog form and email it to If you would prefer us to post a copy, please just ask! 
  3. Once we have received your form, we can help you set up your monthly payments either through PayPal or Standing Order through your bank.
  4. All Done! Once we have your form and payments are set up, we will post out your certificate of sponsorship and thank you gifts. You will receive further Pupdates and photos seasonally. 

Please take a look at our long term fosters looking for sponsorship…



When Marley came into rescue, we were shocked to find that Marley has an underlying illness called Disc Calcification. She was clearly in a lot of pain.

Calcification of the spine occurs when calcium crystals are deposited in the gelatinous fluid that cushions the vertebrae. When this fluid becomes hardened, it can no longer protect the individual bone sections of the spine. This means that Marley will be on pain relief for the rest of her life and which needs managing.



After several visits to the vets when Denzel first came into rescue, it was discovered that his leg was fused, we think that this was due to an accident in his past.

There has been discussion that his leg at some stage may need to be removed, but for now he is on long term painkillers.

We didn’t feel it would be fair to rehome him when the vet fees attached to him are so high, so he is now in one of our long term and loving foster homes, where the rescue can support Denzel for the rest of his life.



Kiera arrived at SSR as an unwanted dog. She was very underweight and very nervous. After having a few foster homes which didn't work out, Keira now resides in one of our amazing foster homes the the foreseeable future. We are unsure of what Kiera has been through in her past, but she is very fearful of people. She has built a lovely trusting bond with her foster mum, but having ongoing behavioural therapy and assessments, we feel that she cannot be rehomed. Kiera is very happy in her long term foster home and will always be supported by the wings of SSR.



Norman is an older gentleman who arrived to us from the pound. His microchip was of French origin suggesting that he hasn't always lived in the UK. We have no idea of his history or what he has been through.

Norman loves his creature comforts and routine. He is a little wobbly on his legs as he is an older boy.

Due to his age and potential medical needs going forward, Norman is now in one of our long term foster homes where SSR can assist with any medical fees going forward.



Honey is 16 years young and on a long term foster home.

Her owner was very poorly in hospital and Honey was relinquished to the pound.

She arrived quite underweight and had several sores and health complaints.

She went into a loving foster home where she will spend the rest of her life and will also be supported by SSR who will cover her vet bills.