Staffie & Stray Rescue

Help us provide a sanctuary for our deserving rescue dogs

Registered Charity No. 1163631

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Staffie and Stray Rescue is entirely self-funded, we would really appreciate any help that you may be able to provide!

All donations to Staffie & Stray Rescue are used towards the care of all the animals we currently care for, this would include vet bills and the general day to day care like food.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, every donation will go towards helping the dogs! Learn how donations are spent.

We’ve also recently launched a Kennel Fund Appeal.

Sponsored Events
Are you looking to take part in an event to support a charity? From a sporting event, to a sponsored silence, please consider Staffie and Stray Rescue! Let us know what you’re up to so we can tell our supporters how amazing you are on our social media platforms!

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You can easily donate online today using GoFundMe, PayPal or JustGiving.

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Make a Staffie smile today by signing up to our sponsorship scheme!

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Shop online through Easy Fundraising and raise a free donation for us every time you make a purchase!

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Help us by donating something we need. By purchasing an item from our Amazon or Pet Connection wishlists you know exactly how you have helped!

Leftover Currency

Leftover Currency

You can send any coins or notes, foreign or domestic. Leftover Currency will donate the combined exchange value plus five percent extra.

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Dog Bandana

Show your support by purchasing a ‘I support Staffie & Stray Rescue’ dog bandana! 20% of the proceeds go to us!

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Care to be Cosy

Staffie and Stray Rescue receive 10% donation from each sale of Staffordshire bull terrier products!

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Dog Club

Use code StaffieStray100 at checkout and 100% of profits from your first order will be donated as food.

Where does my donation go?

You may be surprised to find that even the smallest amounts of money can all go towards the cause and help a rescue dog. This is what your help and money can do:

  • £4 can provide worm treatment to a dog
  • £6 can provide flea treatment to a dog
  • £25 would provide one night’s stay in boarding kennels
  • £12 is the cost for an initial health check and consultation with the vet. Every dog in our care receives this.
  • £15 would microchip a dog
  • £25 would pay for specialist leads, collars, halti’s or muzzles.
  • £25 would cover the cost of a booster vaccination
  • £70 is the cost for an hours session with a behavioural therapist
  • £50 is the cost for a full set of vaccinations, for a dog who has never been vaccinated before.
  • £140 is the cost of a neuter
  • £250 is the price for a day’s consultation with the behavioural therapist.
  • £400 is the average cost of an operation, for example, the removal of cancerous lumps.

We are extremely grateful for all donations received, thank you for your continued support.

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