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Luna Needs a Home

About Luna

My Name Is… Luna

I am… 1 Year Old

I am… A Staffie Cross

I come from… The Pound

Can I be rehomed with other dogs? No

Will I socialise with other dogs when out and about? No

Can I be rehomed with cats? No, we cannot cat test in the pound.

Can I be rehomed with children? Adult only home

I am looking for… A forever home


Luna was abandoned tied to some railings, she was found and taken in by someone for a few days and then the local dog warden was called. She has obviously been through a rough time of it. She was very skinny and very scared when she arrived at the pound.


Luna is currently in one of our loving foster homes and awaiting a forever home, she has previous be under rehabilitation with the assistance of of our behaviourial therapist and the fantastic hard work of her foster family.

Fondly known as ‘Lunaburger’ by her foster family, Luna is a hilarious big pup, a great bundle of fun and she loves to play. Her favourite toy is a boat buoy attached to a length of rope. She enjoys her walks, and she tries avoiding puddles wherever possible. When Luna has had enough walkies, she tends to sit down and refuses and that’s when you know it’s time to turn back unless you can distract her with treats to go further – this occasionally works. She does not like stepping out in bad weather! Luna has been introduced to and is now walking with a harness. She hangs her head when this comes out, but soon forgets about it on the walk.

Luna is let off the lead in secure fields where there are no other dogs and no livestock nearby. She comes back every time upon command  and this is reinforced with a treat.

Upon returning from a walk, she will often do zoomies around the garden! This is a very comical moment to watch! If she becomes over excited, two hands extended and the words “Calm down!” always work.

Luna loves her food.  Recently, her foster home have taught her to wait until you say, ‘go on then’ and she will eat.  If any food is left within her reach, she will eat it. Luna can beg for food and loiter but always responds to the command “Away” and will distance herself at human mealtimes if asked.

She’s really friendly once she gets to know you and trust you and loves to have a cuddle and a belly rub. Don’t be alarmed if Luna is laying upside down, she normally does this and we think she looks a bit like an upside down crocodile! She has got the best puppy face going: it will suck you in!

Luna will prefer to get to know you in her own time. Upon meeting, is it best to let Luna come to you as you might push her boundaries if you go up to her. Luna is mistrustful of strangers as she has been severely neglected in the page.

Luna loves the company of her foster home, but can be left for short, reasonable periods of time. 

Luna is a massive fan of sleeping. When sleeping she is not quiet, she will snore the whole house down!

If Luna had her way, she would be in charge, so she needs a very dog experienced home who can take the lead and set the boundaries. She will also require several meetings before rehoming.


Luna is not friendly towards other dogs or other animals and she is very reactive towards them.  Keeping a safe distance is key. We are trying to desensitise her from this. Luna is very strong. The bridle has ensured good keeping to heel. Luna is currently being muzzle trained.


  • I am looking for a pet free forever home
  • I am looking for an experienced dog owner
  • I am looking for an adult only home
  • A patient home who is willing to put in multiple meetings before rehoming


Please have a read through on the following link to see how we are working and the current restrictions that we have in place for applicants.

Please contact the rescue if you would like to offer help for Luna when she is available for rehoming.

Home checks, Vet checks and Adoption fees apply.

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We are looking for foster families and adoptive families. We do ask foster homes to be within an hour’s drive of Bournemouth as the dogs in foster use our local vets and foster homes will be required to bring the foster dog back to us for any medical treatments.

We rehome to adoptive families within a 2 hour driving radius of Bournemouth. A home check and a vet check is required, with a £200 adoption fee, which contributes partially to kennel fees, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neutering, flea/worming treatment and other veterinary costs. This adoption fee will contribute to the care of all our dogs.

We have a thorough rehoming programme to prepare you and your dog for each other. We also offer help and support for you both in the future. Learn about responsible ownership or contact us if you have any questions.

If you are considering fostering or permanently rehoming a dog, then please print off and complete one of the forms below:

Please note: We only rehome within a 2 hour driving radius of the Bournemouth area and do not place dogs in homes with children under the age of 6.

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