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Gypsy & Rascal Needs a Home

About Gypsy & Rascal

Our Names Are… Gypsy and Rascal

We Are… 4 and 3 years old

Can we be rehomed with other dogs? No

Can we be rehomed with cats? No

Can we be rehomed with children? Over 10 Years

We are looking for… A foster or forever home


Gypsy and Rascal have come from a loving and typical family home environment, however due to unforeseen circumstances they are looking for a new home together through Staffie and Stray Rescue.


Gypsy and Rascal are a bonded pair and have been together since Rascal arrived into the home as a puppy. In there home, the children of the family carried out a ‘wedding ceremony’ and this sweet pair were married in front of friends and family! Please do not ask us to rehome these dogs seperately.

They love to rough and tumble play with each other as well as snuggling up to each other for a snooze. Gypsy & Rascal will listen to commands if they get too boisterous. Like any married couple, they have the occasional disagreement, but it’s never more than a momentary putting each other back in their place. They eat together absolutely fine, often swapping bowls halfway through. With treats, Rascal can sometimes take Gypsy’s treats away form her so they are often put in seperate rooms to enjoy tasty chews or bones.

Both Gypsy and Rascal can be a little fussy with food and sometimes need a sprinkle of cheese or something equally tasty to get them eating their meals.


Gypsy has a huge smile and a huge heart. Her favourite things in the world are stones, she picks them up on her walks and brings them home so that she can push them around the garden with her nose. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up next to you.

Gypsy is fully house trained and has previoulsy been crate trained. She is now used to sleeping on the sofa with Rascal at night.

She loves going to the beach and playing fetch. Gypsy knows the commands “come”, “sit”, “stay, “down”.

She has had some previous issues with her knee, patella dysplasia. Although Gypsy loves to go on long walks, she will require a few days rest if she exercises excessively.


Rascal is a very loving and affectionat boy. He doesn’t have any idea of personal space or his size. Sometimes he can get overexcited around meeting visitors and when meeting children especially. Any children in his new adopted home must be used to being around dogs. Rascal does know the commands “sit” and “down” which he can be reminded of when he gets a bit over-excited!

His favourite thing is a ball, he loves to play fetch and bring it back. He will drop it at your feet to throw again. When its hot, Rascal loves to run through rivers. He loves belly tickles and can often be found laying on his back looking for attention. He can’t get enough cuddles!

Rascal is also fully house trained and used to sleeping on the sofa at night.


Both Gypsy and Rascal can be grumpy with other dogs and are kept on lead at all times unless in a private and secure area where no other animals are around.

Both dogs will also chase cats and birds if given the opportunity.


Please have a read through on the following link to see how we are working and the current restrictions that we have in place for applicants.


If you are interested in adopting Gypsy and Rascal, please ensure that you are eligible before applying. Application forms can be found on our website and submitted to

Home checks, vet checks and adoption fees apply.

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Do you have a home for Gypsy & Rascal?

We are looking for foster families and adoptive families. We do ask foster homes to be within an hour’s drive of Bournemouth as the dogs in foster use our local vets and foster homes will be required to bring the foster dog back to us for any medical treatments.

We rehome to adoptive families within a 2 hour driving radius of Bournemouth. A home check and a vet check is required, with a £200 adoption fee, which contributes partially to kennel fees, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neutering, flea/worming treatment and other veterinary costs. This adoption fee will contribute to the care of all our dogs.

We have a thorough rehoming programme to prepare you and your dog for each other. We also offer help and support for you both in the future. Learn about responsible ownership or contact us if you have any questions.

If you are considering fostering or permanently rehoming a dog, then please print off and complete one of the forms below:

Please note: We only rehome within a 2 hour driving radius of the Bournemouth area and do not place dogs in homes with children under the age of 6.

Apply by Email

Please print out the form and scan it in after filling it out. Email your completed form to us at

Apply by Post

Please email to ask for our postal address.

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