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Ernie Needs a Home

About Ernie

Ernie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  He is a neutered male around 5 years of age.

He has beautiful markings and is taller than some typicall staffie and weighs 25.5kgs. He is very friendly and loves being around people.

He was fostered in January from Kennels where he was taken when his owner died suddenly.  His owner was a friend of his current foster parents, and he had adopted Ernie from kennels himself two years previously.  Tragically Ernie was alone in the flat with his deceased owner for a few days before being discovered, and taken by the police to kennels.

Unfortunately his foster parents are unable to give Ernie a “forever home” as they have very small grandchildren and he is quite boisterous when he meets people and there is no history of him being around children, and he doesn’t like being locked way from them.  We don’t know his full history but we do know he may have been abused and neglected as a very young dog.  He had two very happy years with his deceased owner and he really does deserve a permanent, loving home again now.  He carries a rubber toy nearly all the time, we think it is a comforter – but he loves a ball being thrown for him.

He is good with adults apart from being over friendly and has to be reminded not to jump up.

He appears to be good with other dogs when out walking – there have been no incidents, even off the lead. He has good re-call off the lead, and he will sit when asked to “Stay” and wait to be collected and put back on his lead.  He walks well on a lead.

Currently he needs a mild sedative before visiting his current vet, as he showed signs of anxiety and when suggested putting on a muzzle, he proved to be very fearful of it and became defensive, so that was aborted. His foster home are working on getting him used to having one on for the vet, but this will take time. It could be due to abuse in his early life.

He is very obedient and quiet and sleeps a lot in his favourite places.  He loves cuddles and would lay on any available lap for hours if allowed.  He has been trained not to get onto the sofas and beds – but that’s not to say he wouldn’t love that.

He doesn’t bark much at all and is very good with delivery people and postmen.   He travels well in the boot of a hatch-back car behind a dog guard.

Please contact the rescue if you are interested in Ernie.

Home checks, Vet checks and Adoption fees apply.

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We are looking for potential fosterers/adopters local to the Bournemouth area. A home check will be required and adoption fees (£180) apply.

We have a thorough rehoming programme to prepare you and your dog for each other. We also offer help and support for you both in the future. Learn about responsible ownership or contact us if you have any questions.

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