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Dogs Overseas

Helping Dogs Overseas

Here at SSR, we completely agree and know the extent to which there are many, many dogs needing help and new homes within the UK. Helping dogs locally is what we do and prioritise at the heart of everything. However, since 2018, we have been approached by a dog rescue in Italy and asked for a little assistance. Over in Italy, there is a big problem with stray animals:

“Italy is a nation that abandons every year over 135,000 cats and dogs. There are over 600,000 stray dogs roaming free in Italy and only 33% are caught and taken into kennels.” –ESDAW – European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare.

We feel that by assisting rescue dogs overseas we can offer the dogs an amazing forever home that they may otherwise not ever have. We only help a handful of dogs each year but we feel like we are doing our bit and we are proud to say that we can offer help!

A lot of these dogs have been terribly abused and found in horrid states. They are full vaccinated, microchipped and checked over medically before arriving to the UK. They come with their very own passport! SSR ensure that a foster home is in place before the dog arrives. The dogs often come in so scared and shy, showing us that they must have been through so much on the streets! But with a little patience, love and care, we have been able to provide these dogs with a loving forever family home! We have highlighted some of their stories below.


Pongo was found abandoned at the entrance to the forest with his leg in an animal trap, he was only months old at the time. Where he had struggled in the trap, part of his leg had some off. He was understandably traumatised by the experience.
Despite this, he quickly became a favourite amongst the SSR volunteers as he was so friendly, loving and fun towards everyone he met!

Unfortunately the leg was so badly damaged it had to be amputated, but at 13 months old Pongo was able to adjust and really get used to having 3 legs. He can walk and jump normally. He is a very affectionate, obedient and playful boy.

Pongo now lives happily ever after in his forever home!



Karma was found as a stray pup in Italy alongside 9 other pups. 4 survived, but the others did not, alongside their mother who was also found deceased.

Karma was in a foster home for almost a year whilst waiting for her forever home! The three over pups were rehomed through SSR but Karma was overlooked. She was a very nervous girl and needed to build up a lot of trust when meeting new people.

For Karma though it was worth the wait as she now resides in her forever home! We are so thankful to Tony & Denise for dedicating a lot of time to Karma and for giving her the most amazing home where she is thriving.

Enjoy your forever home Karma! (Now Mya)


How You Can Help

Although the stray dogs in Italy are treated medically before coming to the UK, it is still the responsibility of SSR for ensure that they are spayed/neutered as some of the dogs are very young when we take them in. Many of these dogs also require dog behavioural therapy to help overcome their fears due to traumatic pasts that we cannot even imagine. 

We rely solely on fundraising and donations from our generous supporters to ensure that we can continue to take in as many dogs as we can. 

Find out how to donate here.

Thank you from Team Staffie!

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